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Jump Into Your Entertainment

Journey Into Galaxies

Destiny Awaits...

A Whole New Experience

ME is an invitation to be transported safely, to unique and amazing destinations, anywhere in the world or the stars, revel in the colors, sights and sounds - one jaw dropping, eye-opening, unforgettable experience at a time

There are no limits!

Out of this World - Premier Services

Extraordinary and delightful themes that uniquely excite all the senses! In a flash, ME guests are magically immersed in the amazing sights, sounds, fragrances, textures, and tastes of their dream destination.

This magic is exclusively offered as short term exhibits or permanent installations at selected locations: 

Including but not limited to partnering: event centers, banquet halls, luxury hotels, restaurants, conventions, festivals, sporting events/stadiums, VIP lounges, casinos.

*Covid Restrictions may apply in select areas.

Rainmaker Program

Learn how you can bring the Myriad Experience ™ to your business with our BC exclusive program! Zero investment, zero risk, HUGE results!

Become a rainmaker!

Gift Cards

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to a Myriad Experience is the perfect idea!

Contact us to know more!

The Myriad Experience was developed by some of the greatest minds from around the globe. We are a team of unique problem solvers that care deeply about the success of our clients and partners. For more information about us, click the link below.

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