How it works

Augmented for each individual space, the Myriad ExperienceTM is the product of a 360-degree immersive adventure utilizing 360-degree sights and sounds brought to you by state of the art technology.

Our mission is to stimulate all your senses to bring you to new places, give you new experiences, and show you the great wonders of the world and beyond all from the comfort of our MyriadTM Sanctum.

This experience requires no gear for the individual user and entrants are free to roam around the space - in short, you've got to see it to believe it!

 Behind the Experience

One Voice Institute: The Myriad Experience TM is the brainchild of the One Voice team, designing each and every experience, we're dedicated to merging NexGen technology, local art, and incredible adventure into a safe and unique journey for all! 
This 'Projected VR Company' is creating the most advanced tools to enjoy Virtual Reality in real spaces. The Broomx Founders and Directors, the Serrano Brothers, have melded different disciplines with their passion for disruptive solutions and advanced technologies, always with the human factor and user experience in mind.
8th Street Studios: Originating in sound experience, Chief Engineer Jason Huff takes an artisan approach to signature sound and creates trademark masterpieces.