Myriad Experience

Go Beyond the Extraordinary. A one-of-a-kind 360 Immersion Experience has come to Victoria! Allow us to transport you to the farthest corners of the globe, deep within our majestic seas, and up into breathtaking skies, all from the safety and comfort of our Myriad Sanctum. No limits, no boundaries, we offer an adventure unlike any you've seen before through immersive reality with absolutely no shared gear!


This completely contactless experience has been created specifically for our 'new normal', as we strive to offer a safe experience for all. In an effort to uplift the majesty of Vancouver Island and beyond, the Myriad ExperienceTM will be showcasing the beautiful works of local artisans in our gallery and a specially created 360-immersion experience that will take guests across the world! Stimulating all your senses, this initiative allows you to escape beyond the everyday and to experience a moment of wonder in your busy life.


Our Myriad ExperienceTM storefront has been designed with you in mind. Be a part of the Experience through interactive displays, support featured local artisans, and enjoy an immersive journey unlike any you've seen yet!

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